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Ethernet Cables vs Patch Cables: Are they different?

Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables and patch cables bring some confusion to lots of people although being really common. This post will be focused on the main differences between ethernet cables and patch cables and its usability on telecom networks.

What is an Ethernet cable?

First of all, ethernet is a protocol, that defines the way of the information that transfers between two systems, over a particular medium, such as copper, fiber or coaxial. This type of cable is usually a copper cable, fiber optical cable or even coaxial cable. Ethernet cables have less attenuation compared to patch cords, that’s why they’re mostly used at longer distances.

What is a Patch cable?

Patch cable, also known as patch cord, is a wire that ends with connectors on both sides, which connect two electronic devices to each other. These devices might include computers and other hardware. Patch cable is a more flexible cable and has higher attenuation, being mostly used for short distances.

These two cables have similar working functionality with minimal differences and can be used on a variety of applications for your specific network and data transfer needs.

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