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Meet Mikrolink Fiber: Twoosk Marketplace Partner

Mikrolink Fiber is one of Twoosk marketplace Partners providing telecom products, getting a new sales channel that allows them to reach new customers across Europe.

Mikrolink Fiber is a dynamic company part of the multi-national Acik Holding. It is is a Turkey System Integrator Company and Telecom Products Supplier, which carries out turn-key Telecom, Data Center, Mobile 3G/4G, TETRA projects. It also supplies an array of components and added-value solutions to the telecommunications industry from antennas to connectors, from batteries to seal blocks. Besides that Mikrolink is the manufacturer of fiber optic cables, fibers, optics and accessories, with a capacity of 2.5 million components monthly from its factory in Vietnam. 

Exporting its products to major European markets alongside Turkey, Russia and USA, Mikrolink is known for providing high quality products and customer service with extremely competitive pricing and terms. By applying the most advanced technology in processing and testing, Mikrolink Fiber’s products meet the strictest standards of the EU and international markets.

As a turn-key partner, it can carry out the design, engineering and rollout of fiber networks and upgrade existing network technologies and in what comes to the roll-out phase, Mikrolink has experienced installation teams and fully equipped fiber optics technicians.

The company has also subsidiaries – owned 100% by Açık Holding – in 6 countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Qatar, to implement all telecom activities and supply quality products and services to customers.

“Our primary principles are quality and high service standard.”

In parallel to its mission to “enhance the health and life quality of society”, Mikrolink develops activities in order to facilitate a healthier and safer working environment for employees.

The company considers that occupational health and safety is the top priority in every field of activity, which is reflected in their slogan:

“No work is urgent or important enough to put a human’s health and safety in danger.” 

Workers in warehouse

For that reason, the company pioneer in providing various telecoms services all over the world, adopted several actions to create a better work environment such as adopting as minimum standards the legislations of T.R. regarding Environment and Occupational Health & Safety and Mikrolink procedures and raising awareness to all employees and suppliers about Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.

Besides that, Mikrolink considers that the quality of its service, its reliability and customer satisfaction are key factors for success.

Mikrolink partners with Deutsche Telekom

Mikrolink partnership with one of the largest telecommunications companies across Europe, has strengthened the important role of the Turkish company in this continent, by becoming one of the major telecom solution partners in Germany.

What are the main benefits of buying Mikrolink Fiber products?

By being established in the fiber industry since 2002, Mikrolink has local stock in different countries like UK, Spain, Netherlands and its manufacturing facilities in Ankara, İzmir, İstanbul and Vietnam.

The company manufactures with great efficiency and low costs which, gives competitive advantage in prices backed with client-oriented bespoke commercial terms. Also, its manufacturing capacity of 2.5 million components per month and the OEM branding option for all clients are the biggest benefits of the brand.

Its flexible and diligent approach to all companies in fiber industry, while providing the highest fiber industry standards is also a strength of this company.

What are the main products of Mikrolink Fiber?

Mikrolink has a wide variety of telecom products, such as fiber optics, cables, antennas and its accessories, feeder cables and jumpers, batteries, broadcast and supplies equipment. Even though fiber optical components and accessories are their main focus, they are looking to also turn to electrical PDU’s in the future.

For now, you can check Mikrolink products available on Twoosk marketplace.

Mikrolink Pigtail
SC/UPC Fiber Pigtail MM 0.9mm OM2 1.5m orange
Mikrolink Duplex Patch Cord
LC/UPC-SC/UPC Fiber Patch Cord Duplex SM G.657.A1 2.0mm 1m Yellow
Mikrolink Adapter
SC/UPC Fiber Optic Adapter Simplex SM Flanged Blue

Why Mikrolink Fiber decided to make a partnership with twoosk?

“Twoosk is a respected platform where suppliers like us can easily find a wide range of telecoms equipment, components, compare products and market prices and get in touch with other providers, sellers and buyers. Its website is detailed but user friendly. Having worked with Twoosk’s staff for over a year, we have always been in touch with resourceful and dynamic employees. As Twoosk caters to the sellers and buyers EU and worldwide, we believe this partnership will broaden our horizons and client base.”

– Mikrolink

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