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Meet Vistecc: A Partner with Premium Products and Solutions


About Vistecc

Vistecc, founded in 2020, is a supplier and partner to the Data Center, Broadband and Telco Industries with Premium Products and Solutions, from long time established manufacturers and suppliers to a broad range, including Tier1, customers worldwide. It’s a company with intelligent and innovative solutions for advanced data communication networks, enabling tracking, monitoring and automation of network infrastructure.

Even though it was founded recently, Vistecc has a long background and expertise in the Broadband and affiliated markets, from previous decades. With this young age, this company has already established strong relationships with major customers and suppliers, bringing innovative solutions to the benefit of the operators.

Main Benefits

There are two main benefits, among a list of others, about Vistecc:

  • It’s a company that has the expertise to supply premium high-quality products.
  • Vistecc has a portfolio of innovative solutions, as it prioritizes solving problems for customers over legacy solutions.

Overall, Vistecc is a company that is striving to provide tangible advantage with innovative solutions, solving real problems and not being just another product supplier.

From products like breakout panels designed to simplify operations, super capacity batteries, intelligent and automated patch panels, to LC-Duplex Cables produced by the one of the most renowned factories, guaranteeing top notch performance cables. Vistecc represents real valuable benefit from the bottom line.

Environmental Programs

Vistecc is actively looking to partner with suppliers who will share their sustainability focus. To measure compliance, Vistecc has set out minimum standards for suppliers to match up against cost, sustainability, quality, and delivery objectives.

It’s a company that is striving to reduce its impact on the environment while reducing its operating costs, handling e-waste and energy consumption.

Most Relevant Products

Some of the most relevant Vistecc’s products that you’ll be able to find on the marketplace are:

J-Series, 8xLC to 1xMPO, Type A, Multimode

Fiber Amplifier EYDFA 2RU (1× SC/APC IN) (32× SC/UPC OLT IN) (32× SC/APC COM OUT) AC Dual Power Supply

12FO MPO-F/APC Pre-Terminated Fiber Cables OS2 G.657.A1 3.0mm Type A – Straight 3m LSZH Yellow

Why Partner with Twoosk?

One of Vistecc’s goals partnering with Twoosk is to broaden its market reach gerography-wise, and be seen by a wider audience of telcos.

Reaching more visibility to target telco markets with their data centers and broadband solutions, Vistecc expects Twoosk Marketplace to be a place where it will generate more revenue to the company.

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