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Meet Aselcom: A Partner with Quality Connectivity Solutions

Twoosk and Aselcom Partnership

About Aselcom

Aselcom is a Spanish telecommunications company, based in Badajoz, that was funded in the year 2000. Specifically, it is a company specialized in the distribution, projection and building of communication systems, VDI networks and other connectivity solutions with high added value.

Focused on achieving total satisfaction from their customers, Aselcom adapts, implements and builds on the most recent technological advancements.

Their proposed and implemented solutions include a wide range of products recognized on an international scale. Besides their products, they also count on a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and a solid internal structure, that can take on all types of projects with absolute efficiency. Aselcom offers technical assistance to all their products.

Aselcom products

The Main Benefits of Buying with Aselcom

There are many benefits of buying with Aselcom. Some of these are:

  • Aselcom offers a wide range of solutions, for different types of networks, from fiber optic networks to passive ones, and so on. They can take care of any of your telco necessities.
  • As mentioned before, besides having such a range, they also provide maximum quality in their products, recognized internationally.
  • Also, Aselcom relies on an experienced team, as it’s a company with 23 years of experience in training, distribution and maintenance of technologies for ICT infrastructures.
  • Having such experienced and qualified personnel, Aselcom has the ability to offer personalization, as they have the ability to adapt to the customer’s requirements.
  • Besides their distinction in products and professionals, they offer assistance to their clients in any situation they might face.

Most Relevant Products

At Twoosk Marketplace you’ll be able to find dozens of Aselcom’s products. Nowadays, in the Marketplace, this company is solely providing Corning products. Some of the most relevant ones are:

Visit Twoosk Marketplace now and check Aselcom products here.

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