5 warehouse management improvement tips you need to know

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If you are used to warehouse management, you know how it can be difficult to let everything organized and under control. Bad management of a warehouse can bring lots of problems, such as difficulties in accessing products and equipment or nonproductive layouts.

If you are familiar to that kind of problems and more, we chose 5 warehouse management tools to help you with your warehouse!


Use a warehouse storage system

New warehouse management software can help you save time and provide you an improved and more efficient warehouse layout, since it helps you to identify everything in your warehouse. A good labeling and storage system will help you to anticipate problems that may arise in the future.


Take in consideration physical requirements of the products

Your warehouse may have a large range of products, with different sizes, weights and even shapes. You must be aware of the warehouse storage space to avoid problems as damaging products.  If you are using a storage system, it should make it easy for employees to practice FIFO, since it allows you to identify which products arrived first and which  are the ones that should leave first too.

Always put yourself in the position of the pickers and organize your products in an easier and strategic way as, for example, heavy products in the bottom of the racks


Keep the tracking of products

The process from delivery to shipping may be very stressful, even more if there are products that need special conditions. It is very easy to end up with damaged cargo or misplaced, that’s why asset tracking tools can be of great importance for managers to keep an eye on the products and ensure everything goes as expected. You can even track individual items with RFID chips.


Use an analytics platform

All warehouse managers know how data is important for management but not all know which is the best data to collect and how to take all the potential of it. An analytics platform will help you defining your indicators and automate data collection. It will also be easier to predict customer demand.


Prioritize racking space according to sales volumes

Sometimes the warehouse needs some changes to increase productivity. Keeping your warehouse organized is an important step but for that, you must define some organization strategies as for example, the products that have a higher sales volume must be strategically organized so that you can have easier access to them.

This are some tips that will help you to improve your warehouse management. Do you have other tips? What  kind of actions do you take to improve your warehouse operations? Share with us in the comments.


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