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COVID-19 impact in the Telecom Sector

COVID-19 in telecom sector

COVID-19 has brought lots of constraints to persons and businesses and telecom companies were not excluded from the crisis brought by this pandemic. Although most companies having continuity plans, the great majority was not prepared for the outcome of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Projected coronavirus (COVID-19) impact index by industry and dimension – minor (1) to severe (5) in 2020* 


Impact index coronavirus
Source: Statista

With all the restrictions all over the world the big question is: What impacts did the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the telecom sector?

Increase in demand

Since remote working became a necessity during the pandemic, the demand for networking infrastructure and connectivity increased. Due to this, telcos needed to have a fast adaption to this situation.

Decrease of productivity in companies

Telecom companies need people in the field and due to the lockdown, the productivity was negatively affected in the businesses.

A new usability to consumers data

Consumers data is being used in order to track and contain the spread of the virus and that is a topic that is bringing some questions about data privacy.

Delays on 5G network

Manufacturers also had a break on production, which means that the delivery of equipment will also be negatively affected, causing delays in the construction of 5G networks.

“Coronavirus in 2020 is having a significant impact on production and supply chains globally. During the coming year the global telecoms sector to various degrees is likely to experience a downturn in mobile device production, while it may also be difficult for network operators to manage workflows when maintaining and upgrading existing infrastructure. Overall progress towards 5G may also be postponed or slowed down in some countries.” Source: www.budde.com.au

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