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South Korea Plans 6G Pilot Project to 2026

South Korea 6G Pilot Project to 2026

Although 5G not being completely implemented in the society yet, several countries are already fighting for the first place in 6G developments. South Korea is now one step forward than other governments and plans a 6G pilot project to 2026.

Although not being yet standardized, the Korean government wants the 6G technology (50 times faster than 5G) to be commercialized between 2028 and 2030.

The idea is to develop a strategy based on anticipating the development of new technologies, securing standard and high value-added patents, and laying R&D and industry foundations. The investments are expected to be around 169 million dollars, for 5 years.

Which sectors will benefit first from 6G?

After announcing the 6G pilot project to 2026, Prime Minister Chung Se-kyun revealed that there are 5 major areas for the pilot project:

  • Digital Healthcare (remote surgery, biometric encryption through quantum cryptography technology);
  • Immersive content (long-distance real-time non-face-to-face hologram meetings);
  • Self-driving cars;
  • Smart cities;
  • Smart factories.

To achieve the goal of launching a 6G pilot project to 2026, the Korean government also set some strategic tasks in some key areas.

The key areas

The government efforts will be put in 10 strategic tasks divided by 6 key areas, in order to secure the next generation technology. The 6 areas are:

  • Hiper-performance;
  • Hiper-bandwidth;
  • Hyper-space;
  • Hyper-intelligence;
  • Hyper-trust;
  • Hyper-precision.

“(…)It aims to achieve one-terabyte-per-second data transmission speed, which is five times faster than 5G mobile services and reduce delay time to one tenth of 5G services — 0.1ms for wireless services and 5ms or shorter for wired services). It also set the goal of making 6G communication services available up to 10 km above ground.” Source: Business Korea

Are more countries already working in 6G technology?

South Korea is not the only country already working in 6G. The Japanese government announced its intention in starting a strategic plan regarding the future of 6G.

China and Finland also started the researches for development of 6G communications network.

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