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New Partnership: braun teleCom on Twoosk marketplace

braun teleCom partnership with Twoosk marketplace

braun teleCom joins the specialized marketplace with their high-quality line of products available. This complementary sales channel will allow the company to reach new clients across Europe. 

About braun teleCom 

braun teleCom is a supplier of broadband communication technology that has stood for competence and continuity for more than 30 years. While, in many areas, their main activities focus on the development, production, and distribution of their own product lines, they also serve as distributor for selected high ­performance cooperation partners to achieve best possible customer satisfaction.

Being part of the BTV Multimedia Group, braun teleCom has the goal to provide its customers with the best products and services in the broadband industry as a leading Value Added Supply Partner.

The company is ready to answer to customized requirements and specific equipment solutions from the planning stage to the development of complete projects and ensures fast deliveries to meet fixed deadlines from customers. 

“Quality on Line” 

The long experience of braun teleCom led them to become one of the leading suppliers of systems and system components for HFC and FTTX broadband networks in Germany and beyond.  In addition to the classic CATV product line, the company is always looking to expand its range of products by integrating sophisticated optical system technologies into the portfolio. 

“We have set highest quality standards for our entire range of products and services, while ensuring that we offer the best possible price-performance ratio to our customers.” 

– braun teleCom 

Innovative since 1986 

The German company has innovation on its heritage. From the beginning of its times, braun teleCom creates HFC and FTTX product lines consisting of active and passive components that are continuously expanded.

See below some of the remarkable moments in the company’s history:


braun teleCom was founded as a wholesale and retail company for the distribution of passive and active products and components for antenna, satellite and cable TV technologies. 

braun tap


Rolling out the NETLine brand, braun teleCom 
became the
 first supplier of passive distribution 
products in F-technique in Germany with block 
capacitors to eliminate the hum modulation in 
house distribution networks and with gold-plated inner conductor contacts.


As one of the first companies in Germany braun 
teleCom develops and produces a series of 3-port multimedia outlets used for the extension of 
CATV TV networks with Internet and phone. 

3-port multimedia outlets


braun teleCom became the first company in Germany to introduce the “4-port multimedia outlet” with 2 DATA ports. It is used for the extension of Cable TV networks with multiple multimedia applications, like Internet & Phone and interactive PVR.


This was the year of the rollout of the “XiLine” brand, the third successful series of passive distribution products. In addition to the well-known features “gold-plated inner conductor pins” and “block capacitors” this serie is optimized for an undisturbed return path transmission in the frequency range 5 – 65 MHz.


braun teleCom acquired an independent EMV lab certified acc. to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards for EMC measurements.
In the same year, the company also launched the brand “XiLine plus”, the fourth successful series of F-splitters and taps.



Foundation of a branch in Moergestel, Netherlands and launch of the the brand “Click & Go”, a series of modular HFC wall outlets.


Development of the active, FTTX “OPTIline plus”-series with many optical transmitters, amplifiers and other components.


braun teleCom becomes sales partner of WAVEPACE, the first group-wide FTTH product series of the BTV Multimedia Group, and is actively involved in the market launch.

Why did braun teleCom decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

We decided to enter a partnership with Twoosk to expand our e-commerce exposure in the broadband market. Partnering with Twoosk gives us the ability to serve operators and installers with direct available HFC-Components. The Twoosk platform is offering us a great way of exposing our stocked products and offering excessive stock to the Cable-TV marketplace. As Twoosk is taking care of the complete
 back-office work our portfolio will be presented in a high-quality way, with only limited effort. 

– braun teleCom 


What are the main benefits of buying braun teleCom products? 

With braun teleCom products, customers get sophisticated, high-quality and reliable products at the best price-performance ratio possible. You will find a wide range of products developed and manufactured in one of the company’s high-end production facilities. Furthermore, braun teleCom serves as a representative of industry-leading brands like Ören Cable, a manufacturer of Coaxial and data cables. 

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