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Meet our Partner TKF: Connectivity Solutions for your Telecom Projects

TKF and Twoosk Partnership

About TKF

Founded in 1930, TKF is a Dutch company part of the TKH Group, that provides safe and reliable solutions for the telecom market worldwide. TKF started as a cable manufacturer, but nowadays it also supplies other connectivity products to fill all the infrastructures’ needs. TKF offers technical expertise and flexibility not only to the Telecom Market, but also in the Building and Industrial segments.

Having the goal to provide specialized knowledge in the connectivity sector, TKF can offer a customized, tailor-made experience that ensures all the right products and various components for your projects, along with respecting the people and the environment. TKF prioritizes working close with their customers, suppliers, partners, and end users, providing technical expertise and flexibility to assist them.

In short, TKF distinguishes itself through innovative connectivity solutions with the highest level of quality and service. As a technology leader, seeking to exceed the client’s expectations being one of the company’s biggest goals.


Besides being a leading supplier in telecom solutions, TKF’s core values are based in innovation, maximum reliability, and excellent quality, while having Corporate Social Responsibility.

Respect for the people and the environment is part of TKF’s concerns and commitments, so apart from guaranteeing Quality with the ISO 9001, TKF also pays attention to the environment and to socials aspects like working conditions, health and safety, as they not only got the ISO 14001 certification, but also apply the ISO 45001 standards to their production sites and products on the international market, in order to reinforce their care about these matters.

The company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance is at Ladder level 3, and it’s considered an essential to TKF’s business, as developing sustainability functions at a group level is one of their concerns, to improve policies and procedures.

At the moment, TKF is the only cable manufacturer certified for all these management systems combined.

Most Relevant Products

Some of TKF’s connectivity solutions are:

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Why did TKF decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

The main goal of TKF’s partnership with Twoosk is to connect with small and medium telecom operators in order to provide them quality and durable products, like the products mentioned before.

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