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New Partner on Twoosk Marketplace: CommScope

CommScope joined Twoosk marketplace as a new telecom equipment provider. By partnering up with Twoosk, CommScope gains a complementary sales channel focused in promoting products to other companies who are struggling to get them.  About Commscope  “At CommScope we push … Read More

Splitters in Coaxial Networks

While fiber is trendy in greenfields, coaxial still the most rational and economical option for brownfields, because the technology will continue to involve up to 10Gbps connectivity in the next years. Besides the good bandwidth, the coaxial network allows a great … Read More

Application of RG Drop Cables and Most Common Ones

Coaxial cables are used in high frequency transmission, especially for transmitters and receivers, computers, radio and TV transmissions. There are different types of coaxial cables that differ according to the purpose of use. Here you’ll find a short description about RG cables.  What … Read More

Wireless Network

The term wireless is used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves carry the signal over part or all the communication path i.e., there’s no need for any cable. In wireless transmission, the medium used is the air through not … Read More

Coaxial Network and its benefits

Coaxial Network    Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network (HFC), also called coaxial network, is the telecommunication network architecture that combines fiber cable and coaxial cable to carry broadband content to users.  Coaxial cable was invented by Oliver Heaviside, who patented the design in … Read More