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New Partnership: OPTOMER joins Twoosk Marketplace

Optomer and Twoosk Partnership

Twoosk marketplace counts now with OPTOMER as a new telecom equipment provider. OPTOMER will now have access to complementary sales channel that allows them to reach new customers across Europe.

With 29 years of history in the market, OPTOMER was created as a representative of the Swiss company DIAMOND, the world leader in high performance optical components production and creator of E2000. It is a rapidly growing experienced company in the telecommunications market.

As a OPTOMER provides innovative solutions, modern technology and comprehensive technical support, becoming the first manufacturer in Poland that has implemented the technology front ferrule polishing machine.

As mission, OPTOMER focus in providing high quality products and services and technical support to increase its customers efficiency.

The Polish company points out as major advantages its fast response to customer enquiries, its short lead times, its continuous improvements in the quality of customer service and its training courses.

“The best performance and reliability of our products are confirmed by positive opinions of the installers and users.”


In 2013, OPTOMER became a member of the Global Compact, a worldwide program aimed at improving the working conditions, environment protection and anti-corruption actions in companies around the world.


OPTOMER is a highly awarded company. See its main achievements below:

Infotel 2003


OPTOMER received the “INFOTEL Laurel” for SD-2000 Fiber Optic Access Network System.

Polish Success

In the same year, the company received the “Polish Success”, for economic achievements thanks to equity capital and hard work.

Gazelle of Business Award

In 2007 was time of receiving the first “Gazelle of Business Award”, reassuring the company’s position as most dynamic developing company in Poland.

Gazelle of Business Award

In 2008, the company received one more “Gazelle of Business Award”.

Gazelle of Business Award

In 2015, the company received one more time the “Gazelle of Business” award, the most popular and oldest ranking for the most dynamically developing small and medium companies.

Forbes 2018

Forbes Diamond

OPTOMER received from editors of Forbes the “Diamond Award” for the most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland.

Environmental Policy 

Sustainable company

Despite following several policies, the environment is one of OPTOMER’s concerns so they have a specific policy which is followed in this area.

The company is interested in reducing its harmful impact on the natural environment in all important aspects of the business. They achieve this by working by the legal regulations of Community law (European Union), national law and local law and by establishing some goals like:

– Educating on ecological awareness;

– Saving energy;

– Reducing gas emissions to the atmosphere;

– Saving raw materials and reducing waste.

What are the focus products of OPTOMER?

As manufacturer of a wide range of fiber optic products and due to its heritage from DIAMOND, OPTOMER produces high quality standard connectors to the market. OPTOMER also offers passive optical products offering various styles of distribution frames from small and medium capacity wall mounted boxes for indoor and outdoor applications.

SC/APC Fiber Pigtail SM G652.D 0.9mm 2.5m Yellow

1×16 PLC Optical Splitter input SC/APC 900μm 1.5m, output 2m, minihousing

PSW-DIN wall or DIN rail – mounted fibre optic distribution box dedicated for 12 x SC SX adapters

PS-3 Wall-mounted fibre optic distribution box dedicated for 72 x SC SX adapters

Why did OPTOMER decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

“The main goal of the company OPTOMER is to reach new markets and thus also potential future regular customers, through cooperation with a well-recognized partner in the industry. It is also an extension of the company’s current activities with a new sales channel – marketplace platform.”


What are the main benefits of buying OPTOMER products?

With almost 30 years of experience in the telecom industry,  and with Optomer’s production plant in Lodz – in the very center of Poland, – its products are easily distributed within Europe in a matter of days. This flexibility is reinforced with its low MOQ or even no MOQ for basic products, which is a big strength for clients looking for good quality with fast delivery.

The professional advice on selecting products and choosing optimal fiber optic solutions with a comprehensive supply, are other advantages of OPTOMER.

Besides that, the company feels satisfied with the full and reliable service that provides to customers in the segment of optotelecommunication investment processes – like design, training, sales and technical support. Additionally, the Headquarters of the company, the Design Office and Logistics Centre in Lodz ensure fast and reliable execution of orders.

OPTOMER solutions are used by some of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe, including Orange Poland.

Innovative OPTOMER solutions

Its innovation-oriented is evidenced by individual proprietary solutions introduced to the market in recent years. It was possible due to the continuous expansion of the production plant and the development of employees’ competences contribute to the constant evolution of the offer.

Currently, Optomer offers not only connectors and adapters, but also other equipment necessary to build fiber optic access networks.

 And now you can get OPTOMER products in the specialized marketplace in telecommunications. See Optomer products on Twoosk here.

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