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Meet STL: A Partner with Next Generation Services

STL and Twoosk

About STL

Founded initially as a Telecom cable company in 1988, in India, STL is one of the industry’s leading integrators of digital networks providing All-in 5G solutions.

For digital networks, this company offers future-ready solutions in the telecommunications industry, like fiber optic products and services, as well as wireless connectivity solutions with cloud and software services.

With the capabilities of network design and integration solutions, STL besides is able to provide fiber optic connectivity, fiber deployment, network modernization and FTTx Access Network solutions

With these services, STL has the capability to help telcos, cloud companies, citizen networks and even large enterprises.

Being a company focused in delivering next generation experiences to their customer, in the 20+ years in the market, STL has acquired 5 Innovation Centers for research and development, and developed more than 600 patents in glass science, precision manufacturing, virtualized network software and more.

With that, STL has a strong global presence and partners all over the world, including in India, Italy, the UK, the US, China and Brazil.

Optotec by STL

Optotec S.p.A was founded in 1992, in Italy. Born with the goal to provide high-quality fiber optic accessories and connectivity solutions for the telco sector, soon after its creation, Optotec became a market leader in the development, production and sale of components and accessories for telco networks.

In 2020, Optotec was acquired by STL on its expansion in Italy. Now Optotec by STL, this brand is part of a leading company in the telco sector, complementing it with core capabilities to further deliver connectivity solutions globally.

The Main Benefits of Buying with STL

From deployments in cities to last-mile connectivity services, STL offers a wide range of high-density fiber optic connectivity solutions with lower costs, improved performance and enhanced flexibility.

STL also offers a diverse portfolio of fiber optic connectivity solutions to support fiber cables, specialty cables, and optical interconnect kits.

Sustainability & People

STL partners with service providers from all over the world in order to achieve a green and sustainable digital future in alignment with UN SDG goals.

It is a company that believes in strong moral and ethical standards, that ensures responsible and eco-friendly operations, creating shared value for stakeholders, including the communities it operates in.

Innovation, technology and collective action are at the core of how STL approaches its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs.

In the sustainability field, some of STL’s goals are to produce zero waste to landfills and to reduce Co2 emissions. Socially, STL has implemented programs in education, health and environment which have already reached more than 1 million people. Internally, STL holds an academy for training and has provided education to more than 70 thousand trained professionals, 10 thousand certified professionals.

Most Relevant Products

STL’s solutions are designed to enable telco operators, ISPs, citizen networks and large enterprises to roll out networks faster, more effectively and cost efficiently. Some of its most relevant products in the marketplace are under the Optotec brand, these being:

The LC/APC 8x Fiber Pigtail Set OS2 G.657.A1 0.9mm 2m LSZH Multi-color

The LC/APC Fiber Optic Adapters Duplex Single Mode (SM) Full Flanged Green

The LC/APC-SC/APC Fiber Patch Cord Simplex OS2 G.657.A1 2.0mm 40m LSZH yellow

Why did STL decide to make a partnership with Twoosk?

One of the main reasons that lead STL to make a partnership with Twoosk is the awareness that Twoosk has in some of the focus markets that STL has. This partnership is seen by STL as an opportunity to reach new markets that some of its main direct competitors haven’t yet.

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