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5 Webinars about sales leadership you should definitely attend to master your telecom business

5 Webinars about sales leadership you should definitely attend to master your telecom business

Sales leadership capabilities are critical for any company’s long-lasting success and mainly involve inspiring a group of people to be motivated and complete the strategies and tactics created because they believe in the vision. Sales leadership capabilities are interchangeable with innovation, motivation, idea origination, and trust.

Keeping up to date with the market, future trends, current challenges, customer’s needs, best practices, new methodologies, business channels, management tools, technologies and so on makes all the difference. It has never been so easy to access valuable insights as today and, in this article, we share some great recorded webinars that will help increase your sales leadership potential to never stop moving your telecom company forward.

6 Steps to Transition to Buyer-Centric Selling

Being buyer-centric may be the single most impactful thing you can do to radically transform your sales force and the results they produce for your company. Buyer-centric selling is about selling the way modern buyers want to buy. This helps salespeople earn their buyers’ trust and become consultative problem-solvers. Register in this on-demand webinar to learn how to infuse buyer-centric thinking and behaviour in everything you and your team do throughout the entire sales cycle.

See this webinar here.

3 Critical Components to Move from a Losing to a Winning Sales Team

Great sales teams’ parallel great sports teams in many ways – both use science and strategy to define, strengthen and coach talent to its fullest potential. In fact, winning is about talent first. Period. If you have the right talent and you know how to feed, nurture and grow it to its highest potential—boom—everything else will fall into place – literally everything. In this on-demand webinar, you will be entertained while you learn how to do three critical things with sales talent: identify the intangible talents that make your sellers great; use talent and skill insights to build and strengthen selling skills quarter-after-quarter; and effectively coach sellers for long-term selling success.

See this webinar here.

How to Kick Sales Reps Out of Their Comfort Zone

Who’s winning in sales today? People who can step outside their comfort zone and embrace new ideas, new markets and new techniques. Sales leadership responsibilities require to build an organization that encourages teams to embrace change rather than resist it and seek out the knowledge and skills needed to navigate an always-changing landscape. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn the key characteristics of the “new buyer” – and why traditional sales techniques often backfire with them, why salespeople must be perpetual students, how to align policies and practices to support sales agility.

See this webinar here.

Retooling Your Business for 2021 and beyond

How to build a resilient and adaptable organization in a pandemic era? In this on-demand webinar discover how to use proper planning to overcome disruption and maximize key opportunities, investigate 6 key areas of your business for blind spots and potential disruption and much, much more. A special education session for owners and leaders who are ready to strengthen their entire organization. If you want to empower your team and get revenue back on track for 2021 this is a must-watch.

See this webinar here.

How to Drive Sales Performance: A Framework for Analysis and Decision Making

Compensation, sales enablement, technology, pricing strategy, hiring the right people, sales training, sales leadership, prospecting, and strategic account management. These and more are among the many strategies you can use to drive sales performance. It’s not easy, however, to decide what to do and where to focus in order to get the best results. This on-demand webinar shares how to uncover the right mix of factors to drive sales results to the next level. You’ll find out the 8 drivers of sales performance; what Top Performers do differently than the rest in the areas of strategy, structure, enablement, sales management, skills, and more; how to analyse sales performance at your organization; and the most important factor in creating a culture of sales excellence.

See this webinar here.

It is a Wrap!

As you improve your sales leadership qualities, you will produce positive changes regarding your salespeople’s performance with a direct impact on your telecom business results. And, to better focus your time on what really matters have you ever considered a specialized telecom marketplace like Twoosk to sell your products

Benefit from a simplified process by doing everything in one single place with no inventory, payments or shipping hassles. You will be able to expose your offerings, make promotions, receive messages from buyers and answer to them through a platform that is easy to use. With low investment, you will get a new sales channel, immediate access to new markets, and the possibility to grow your client’s portfolio in a simple and fast way.

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