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The nature of outstanding telecom sales managers

The nature of outstanding telecom sales managers

An IDC Research confirms telecommunications services industry among the most resilient sectors of the global economy in the COVID-19 era, with worldwide spending reaching $1.6 trillion in 2020. How big is your company’s slice? We know it depends on different factors, but one of them is certainly how successful telecom sales managers are.

Telecom sales managers are the drivers of the revenue engine. A key role that involves key activities. They have to onboard, coach, nurture and lead high-performing and high-motivated teams. They have to define the go-to-market and value delivery strategy. They have to be aware of the competition, keep up with the offering, select the best sales channels, and discover the most suitable ways to continuously gain confidence and satisfy customers’ needs.

The nature of outstanding telecom sales managers is much of flipping the traditional pyramid structure upside down and putting them at the bottom. To serve and support all the frontline staff. After all, global goals can only be achieved if everyone achieves their own. What are the obstacles that are preventing the target from being met? What can be done to get the most out of each individual? How is the morale of the salespeople and what can be done to improve it? These are questions that should be answered every single day.

Common traits of great telecom sales managers

Great telecom sales managers are usually excellent…

  • … people managers: know how to recruit, build, inspire, guide and engage a team;
  • … customer managers: strategically foster win-win and long-lasting relationships;
  • … business managers: steer the company’s growth and rapid adaptation to new realities.

Take a look into a few traits that can make telecom sales managers job much easier and rewarding:

Passion – First of all, without a genuine passion for the telecom industry it’s impossible to lead and inspire a team. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you have it, everything will fall into place.

Communication skills – Listen first and speak second and be aware of the message you transmit, how it’s delivered, and how it’s perceived. Focus on feedback and acknowledge that you hear and understand your interlocutor.

Integrity and trust – Say what you mean and do what you say. There is no better way to earn respect than through character, leading by example and making the right choices. Never ask anyone to do something immoral, illegal or that goes against the company’s core values.

Empathy – Show that you actually care. This helps to get buy-in and trust. Whether with peers, cross-functional counterparts, salespeople and upper management.

Team culture – strive to involve and unite everyone under a shared vision, a common purpose. This includes encouragement and recognition, always with a positive attitude. Be open and honest when things are good, and bad, and always try to find ways to boost morale.

Analytical skills – Use data-driven reports to spur sales coaching sessions and empower salespeople to take ownership of their opportunity pipelines. Use numbers to help guide strategies on a go-forward basis.

Embrace change – last but not least, the economy in general and the telecom market in particular are always evolving.  Staying on top requires a forward-thinking approach to change. Adapt quickly to stay ahead.

Remember that outstanding telecom sales managers aren’t afraid to experiment, try new things, discuss different approaches, bring innovative ideas to the table and shake things up a bit (or a lot!) when the status quo isn’t producing what it should. For instance, have you ever considered a specialized telecom marketplace to boost your sales? Twoosk is the place! Furthermore, it helps you save time and dedicate it to what really matters: grow your business and mentor your team.

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