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Selling telecommunication products with no inventory, payments or shipping hassles – a marketplace story

Selling telecommunication products with no inventory, payments or shipping hassles - a marketplace story

When we are running a business, it is important to considerer some major options and decisions that can make all the difference in amplifying success. Don’t we all want to achieve the maximum gain with the minimum effort? To reduce costs and boost profits? Well, we’ve got you covered! That’s precisely the reason behind Twoosk specialized marketplace creation. Since then, selling telecommunications products has never been the same. And for much better. It has been the platform of choice for everyone looking for the simplest, smarter and easiest way to manage and expand their business without limits.

Regardless of the current size of your company, Twoosk offers you immediate access to new markets and new customers and helps you find opportunities that in another way would be more painful and time-consuming. In a blink of an eye, you can build your own online store there. It all happens in one single place, helping you save time, money and hassles.

Your telecommunication products on the central stage for those looking for them, anytime, anywhere, from any device: as easy as it can be

Twoosk is a B2B online platform specialized in telecommunications that aims to aggregate knowledge and provide valuable services to the professional sector – matching buyer’s needs with providers’ offerings. It all started in 2015 when we found a gap in the market. After several research, in 2016 Twoosk was created to revolutionize how telecom products are sell and bought. In 2017 we took the first steps as a marketplace of telecom equipment. And one year later, in 2018, began our global journey. In 2019 Twoosk counted with more than 25 sellers in 11 countries and made deliveries all over Europe. Today Twoosk is a comprehensive and recognized online platform where it’s only you who’s missing! And we believe not for long.

The reasons are endless for Twoosk being the favorite B2B one-stop-shop opened 24x7x365 to easily buy and sell telecommunication products.

Let’s dive deep into some of them for you, as a Telecom Seller

You will gain a new sales channel with low risk and low investment at your fingertips (just need to select the plan that best fits your budget and needs). You will have more time to dedicate to what really matters and focus on your business, while Twoosk promotes your products, ensures a safe experience by using the most well-known payment methods, and manages logistics/shipping with the most reliable partners to ensure that delivery times are met. You will be able to leave the complex and bureaucratic sales processes in the past, and rapidly close deals in a centralized location, making promotions, receiving contacts from  buyers and answering them through a unique platform that is easy to use. You will have access to a network full of telecom product buyers and the possibility to take your products inside and outside the marketplace – enabling you to grow your business, reach new markets and increase your client’s portfolio – with no limitations in what comes to product uploading.

Still with doubts on how Twoosk can help you save time, money and hassles? Take a look:

  • Don’t need to put efforts (time/money) into developing and maintaining your own shop;
  • Don’t need to worry about support, transportation and payment;
  • Less effort in achieving new geographies and potential customers;
  • Simple and agile sales process.

Moving further

Time to get started! Your telecommunication products online store is 3 steps away:

  1. Create a seller account – Create your account and receive instructions and tips to get started.
  2. Account approval – Send all the required documentation to confirm your access to the marketplace as a seller.
  3. Start selling! – Add the products you want to the marketplace and  increase your business.

Our customer care team is committed to giving you all the assistance at every stage. Let’s partner and count on Twoosk!

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