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How to skip the burden of telecom products overstock and reduce warehouse space

telecom products overstock

Telecom products overstock have always been an issue for most companies in this industry. For some reason they accumulated inventory and urgently need to monetize it. 80% of companies have obsolete stocks or overstocks and most of it will end up in dumpsters. Overstocks are spread in the distribution channels, with money invested in long tail and products heaping in the warehouse. Skipping the burden of overstock management and reducing warehouse space are critical to achieve monthly and annual goals. But how to do it?

Meet Maria and Jan story, you will probably identify yourself with one of them before we move forward:

That morning in Lisbon, Maria, the reliable and efficient purchasing manager at a telecommunications company begins her workday. Determinant to solve an overwhelming problem which daily grows dangerously in her company. The money is invested in still-stocking and benefits are decreasing alarmingly. Her boss looks at her every morning with a bitter face. It is a really serious problem that worries everyone. In Portugal, the construction projects have slowed down, and stock doesn’t stop increasing.

That same morning in Berlin, Jan, the person in charge of the logistics department of a Contractor leaves very worried from the last project meeting with engineers. He will need soon more cable wheels to continue lain hundreds of kms of the root projected. Jan has two problems to solve in these cases: lead time (it’s always needed yesterday), and the prices have to be low. He can not wait weeks to receive the product and is not willing to pay a fortune for the product to arrive by plane.

Days go by and Maria is feeling really anxious and begins to fear for her annual bonus if she does not meet the objectives. Her boss starts to press. The situation becomes drastic. She has tried everything, she has spoken with commercials, suppliers, potential customers, but it seems impossible for her to get rid of the accumulated stock. Nothing works.

Meanwhile in Berlin, a catastrophe. Engineers have told Jan’s boss that the project can be stopped anytime by lack of materials. Wheels are needed. Jan is seeking by all means to find a provider who gets to deliver the product on time. He tried everything and doesn’t know where to turn…

… Until Maria and Jan discover a specialized telecom marketplace and understand how wrong they were in their quest. An online platform that through OS Business helps companies with telecom products, including overstocks, to find out who needs it in the shortest possible time.

This marketplace is called Twoosk. One of its goals is precisely to streamline and centralize this kind of business. Connecting partners with excessive inventory with companies that urgently require it, matching opportunities.

A complementary sales channel to expand the reach of well-known brands directly to Installers, whilst releasing sales teams’ efforts for the current portfolio of products & clients.

Advantages of using Twoosk to skip the burden of telecom products overstock and reduce warehouse space:

  • Get 10 times more than what a broker would pay.
  • Reach new clients at a fraction of the cost needed to maintain a dedicated sales team.
  • Access a global B2B network that enables any buyer, anywhere, to find your products within seconds.
  • Immediate delivery through worldwide warehouses and partnerships with the most reliable transportation companies.
  • Fast-time to market – in few steps your products are ready to be purchased.

Start giving a new life to your telecom products. We will promote your products to other companies who are struggling to get them. Everything happens in one single place, saving time, money, resources and ensuring a safe procurement experience. It´s a win-win situation!

It all start here!

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