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Want to Start an Online Store with Low Investment? Check these Tips to Choose a Marketplace

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If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and rapidly expand to new markets, we’d advise you to start an online store. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, turning into ecommerce can be a great idea to reach larger audiences and simplify processes.

Creating an Online Store

When getting into ecommerce, to start an online store you can go two ways: creating a single shop or going into a marketplace.

Budget-wise, marketplaces are way friendlier for business that are looking to start an online store with a low investment. In general, a marketplace allows you to create an online store in an existing website which, right away, saves you resources such as time and money that you’d spend on creating a shop from scratch.

Besides this fundamental factor, there are many other specific benefits to marketplaces that you should look for to make sure that a marketplace is the right one for your business.

What You Should Consider

There are different aspects you should consider when you start an online store in a marketplace, such as:

– Does it have limitations in what comes to product creation?

If your company has a larger portfolio, aspects like production creation capacity are of upmost importance. You should make sure the marketplace allows you to create as many products as you need in your shop, to get the visibility you want.

– Ask about payment options.

What payment methods do your clients prefer or require? You should make sure the marketplace you create your online shop in fills the requirements of both local and international customers.

Verifying the security of such payment methods is also essential to guarantee relationships of trust with clients.

– Who manages transportation?

Securing transportation for orders is also fundamental. Who manages it? How does it work? These are questions that you should make to confirm not only safety but also the conditions of transportation, and if those fit what you want to deliver.

– If you sell very specific products, look for niche marketplaces.

Niche marketplaces can help you reach the right audience for your products with less effort and resources spent. By being a marketplace in your niche sector, it attracts traffic that fits your business.  Besides that, marketplaces have their own marketing strategy which will favor your store in your niche, while saving your business investments, just by being in the right place.

Telco Online Store

If you’re in the telco sector, Twoosk can be a great niche marketplace to create an online store.

At Twoosk Marketplace you’ll be able to create unlimited products, reach larger audiences and new markets while not having to worry about transportation, have access to different payment methods powered by trustful technology like Stripe, and profit from marketing online and offline campaigns, with a low investment.

With Twoosk, being online is an easy task. Learn more about our marketplace here.

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