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Twoosk at ANGA COM 2023: the Leading Industry Event

ANGA COM, Europe’s Leading Exhibition and Conference for Broadband, and Online, ended on a positive note after a three-day event that generated positive energy and cemented its prominence in the telecommunications sector.

Twoosk, as a participant in the event, had an exciting experience engaging with a vibrant and dynamic crowd of industry professionals. They were captivated by their overall buzz and innovative attitude. Our purpose in ANGA COM was to show how digital platforms in B2B businesses can help companies grow, and increase their brand awareness, digital marketing skills, and reach.

The event in Cologne, Germany this year saw 22,000 participants representing more than 80 different countries. This was a record attendance. These figures show a significant increase of 20% from 2022, and a 10% rise over pre-pandemic levels. This shows a resilient industry and constant growth.

It featured a massive display of over 400 exhibitors from 35 different countries, occupying an expansive 25,000 sqm exhibition space. This provided a great platform for networking, ideas exchange, and innovation. ANGA COM also marked a 30% increase in floor space compared with the previous year to accommodate an increased interest in fiber optics.

The fiber optic boom continues as Dr. Peter Charisse of ANGA COM has stated. Charisse said, “Germany will have 50 billion euros for an additional 30 million fiber optic connections within the next few years.” It is a unique opportunity. We strongly believe that investing in faster networks and making broadband available for more and more will help people and companies in a fast passing world.

The event was also a success in extending its reach to the media sector by highlighting the importance streaming and OTT TV. The Innovation Stage and other areas devoted to media distribution, streaming, OTT and connectivity received high praise. The conference program was also very enriching, with 60 panels of influential speakers in the media and broadband industry. The conference provided participants with a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders like Matthias Dang and Philippe Rogge.

Twoosk, a global digital platform, is dedicated to uniting and promoting the global telecommunications industry. We are committed to growth, innovation, as well as stronger connections. The presence of Twoosk at ANGA COM was a vital part of our mission. This event provided us with a great opportunity to interact with industry leaders, learn from them, and show off the capabilities of our platform.

Twoosk is looking forward to supporting the telecom community in our collective drive to a future that will see the power of telecommunications unite people, businesses and technologies to create endless possibilities. We are looking forward to ANGA COM 2024, which will take place in Cologne from May 14-16, Germany. This event will further strengthen these collaborations.

Overall, our participation in ANGA COM affirmed our belief that community, collaboration and innovation are powerful forces in the telecom industry. We left Cologne more motivated and inspired than ever before to continue our mission to create a world of connected telecoms.

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