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Telecommunications Marketplace? It Exists and You Can Find All Equipment for Your Network

telecommunications marketplace

The process of finding the needed right products for a telco network can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you have to search for different products and brands in different places.As a solution for this consumer struggle, you can now benefit from a telecommunications marketplace where you can find everything you need in one single place, anywhere, at any time, making the process of buying telco products an easy, fast and convenient task.

What is the telecommunications marketplace and what you can do there?

Twoosk is the global telecommunications marketplace, which brings together professionals from all over the world, enhancing and facilitating their digital journey.

Whilst the digitalization is increasing, it’s Twoosk’s mission to connect telco professionals and help them in the digital transformation of their businesses. In this marketplace professionals can exchange information, products, and knowledge.

Being an alternative to the traditional process, it connects hundreds of buyers to different sellers, making it easier to find the best solutions for the needs of your telco network.

What are the main benefits of buying in the telecommunications marketplace?

The digital world is making work easier for everyone, including telco professionals. The shorter deadlines and the pressure of making better negotiations, makes online purchases the most efficient choice to achieve company’s goals.

Twoosk allows you to do everything in one single place, from finding any product you need from a wide range of brands to negotiating with sellers, without having to resort to any other communications channel.

The main benefits of this telecommunications marketplace are:

  • Looking for new suppliers? At Twoosk you can find several

Twoosk allows you to find suppliers from all over the world. Through just a few clicks, you can contact them directly on the marketplace and negotiate with them on specific products.

  • Looking for products in different places is past. Find a wide range of products in one place
    In the telecommunications marketplace you’ll be able to find products from different brands and categories. To make it easier, you can use search filters developed specifically for telco professionals.
  • Going back and forth with requests for quotations? Save time by having all the information at a click distance
    Product specifications are available at every product page. You can access all the information you need without having to wait for the seller to send you data sheets or price information. The same goes for ordering, as you can do it at any time through the marketplace, without having to contact anyone.
twoosk product page
Twoosk product page
  • Get a simpler purchase process
    After creating an account, you’ll have access to your personal dashboard where all your information will be stored. There, you’ll be able to visualize your negotiations and purchase history, making it easier to repeat a similar order if needed. This also makes it easier to share information with the decision makers.

  • Save Money
    Stay tuned to exclusive offers from the marketplace sellers, through promotional prices and promo codes that you can use in your purchases. Besides that, time is money and by finding everything you need faster your pockets will be grateful.

  • Customer support & safety guaranteed
    On Twoosk, you can count with the help center and with a Customer Care team that will help you in every situation, through live chat or email. Safety is one of Twoosk’s priority, being certified by Trusted Shops and Trust Ecommerce Europe.
trust marks

How to start with Twoosk

To start getting all the telco products you need for your projects in a more efficient way, you just need to create an account at Twoosk. You don’t need to be registered to access the marketplace, however by creating an account on Twoosk, you will have access to your private dashboard, where you can see your latest purchases, save your information, get all of our special offers directly in your mailbox and more!

Overall, if you are looking to get a more efficient buying process of telco products, Twoosk can provide you a digital experience that will completely change your way of doing business. It is simple and safe, allowing you to do everything in one single place, anywhere, at any time.

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