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Telco Marketplace Promo Codes: When and Why You Should Use Them

marketplace promo codes

Joining Twoosk comes with a ton of benefits, one of them being marketplace promo codes, or in other words, promo codes.  A feature that can help you elevate your online business to the next level.

What are Promo Codes?

Promo codes are basically discount coupons for online purchase platforms. These have a commercial value and are made available by a seller, to a buyer. When accessible, promo codes give buyers the opportunity to buy a certain product with a shortened price.

When well applied, marketplace promo codes can highly influence the sales amount and attract new customers to a business. Promo codes can be an incentive to buy, which benefits the client with a cheaper opportunity with quality, and the business with generated value.

Types of Promo Codes

marketplace promo codes

At Twoosk there are two types of marketplace promo codes, these being:

  • Promo Code for Negotiation

The Promo Code for Negotiation is a unique value discount on the total cart value, that a seller can provide to a specific costumer to close a deal. This code is specifically generated for that client in the context of a negotiation regarding products of the seller.

  • General Promo Code

When generated, the General Promo Code is made available to all the costumers at Twoosk. This means every buyer can access this promo code at the respective seller’s store.

How to use Promo Codes

Being meant to be applied in different situations, the two types of promo codes also work differently:

As mentioned before, the Promo Code for Negotiation is meant for the single use of one client, so it can’t be shared with multiple costumers to use various times. This means this promo code, after its creation, should only be sent to the buyer the seller is negotiating with. Also, being applied only to the total cart value, this discount is set by value and not percentage. If accepted by both parts on negotiation, the seller can also set a minimum cart value requirement for the application of the code.

marketplace promo codes

The General Promo Code offers more freedom in settings. Besides being a promo code that is made available to everyone, this code allows to choose between types of code, value or percentage, to be applied on the total cart value or only on the product. Being able to set a minimum cart value too, a seller can also set a minimum quantity, a usage limit per customer, a total usage limit, active dates and choose between different types of appliances (to be applied in all available products, a certain category, or a specific product).

marketplace promo codes

What are the Main Benefits of using Promo Codes?

Besides being a way to generally optimize sales amounts, at Twoosk, marketplace promo codes can be used to strengthen relationships with customers, specifically through Promo Codes for Negotiations.

On top of that, when working directly with Twoosk’s marketing team, some aspects of promotions can be negotiated. Per example, the team can highlight your promotions on the homepage of the Marketplace, making them gain even more awareness.

If you’re considering implementing promo codes on your shop, you can contact our marketing team at marketing@twoosk.com to further improve the performance of your promotions.

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