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Common challenges that the access to a global network of telecom products suppliers solves

Common challenges that the access to a global network of telecom products suppliers solves

The world is changing at a fast pace. How to keep up with it? In this article, we look into what’s happening and coming, and what a global network of telecom products suppliers has to do with it 😉

According to the EY Digital Transformation report, “disruptive competition from vendors in the technology, service management, and other spaces, is the biggest challenge facing telco companies”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a standard of everyday communications. 5G technology is paving the way to some richer mobile experiences. There has also been an unprecedented rise in demand for new network services thanks to substantial growth in these areas. But there is much more to know. So, what are the other significant issues that companies will need to overcome through telecom products suppliers?

Going digital, demanding for digitization

In a time when the need for traditional communications services was decreasing things were shifting slowly to the cloud. And, as Covid-19 came along, bringing global quarantines with it, processes of digitization are now moving much faster. Organizations need to address client expectations and make sure they can compete in a new, much more demanding and connected world.

Cloud is crucial

To be or not to be… in the cloud is no longer a question. Companies must know that this is a step that becomes a crucial component of business continuity. It is now up to telecom companies to make sure they can deliver the right, secure, fast and accurate fully-featured systems for cloud communications. Clients are not willing to wait for anymore.

Intelligence: there is no way to escape it

Until now, intelligent systems for analytics, reporting, and data management have been regarded as ’add-ons‘ to the telecoms landscape. But now, as we had to face some huge new challenges with the pandemic scenario, intelligence is mandatory. Companies must rely on insights to keep the business away from some huge risks and complicated situations. More than just a tool for analyzing customer journeys and providing business intelligence, AI is becoming a fundamental aspect of every part of the telecoms stack.

Welcome some more new technology!

Everywhere we look, the demand for new and disruptive technology is there, calling for us and, yes, it is growing.

Artificial intelligence changed the way that we interact, using only voice commands instead of text to “talk” with machines. In this scenario, businesses are embracing remote working and video-first cultures to reduce costs and improve work/life balance.

IoT is here, to integrate into our everyday world, with billions of connected devices already in the market. Concepts like robotic process automation and computing at the edge are delivering their share of challenges and opportunities. But there is much more to come, and telecom products suppliers are ready to answer all the new demands.

Where to find them? At Twoosk!

To build innovative and secure networks and provide an excellent service to your clients, it’s critical to have access to the best techs in a blink of an eye. Twoosk is a global network, a B2B marketplace, that gathers the most recognized telecom products suppliers in one single place. There you can find all the equipment you need to address market challenges and trends, like the ones we mentioned above.

Let us give you an overview of why this specialized e-commerce is your best ally:


Benefit from rapid deliveries and a simplified purchase process, in a marketplace opened 24h/day and 365 days/year. Find all the information you need, by comparing products and prices in one single place. Also, if you have a big project, negotiate with suppliers is possible by asking for quotations directly in the marketplace.


See all telecom equipment from a variety of telecom products suppliers, that offer different prices to the same type of products, which will help you to quickly compare them and to choose the best options that fit your budget.


Twoosk is a certified platform by “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, that guarantees a safe shopping experience, by using the most well-known payment methods and partnering with the most reliable logistic companies to ensure that delivery times are met.

Next step? Create an account!

You don’t need to be registered to access the marketplace, however by creating a free account on Twoosk, you will have access to your private dashboard, where you can see your latest purchases, save your information, get all of our special offers directly in your mailbox and more!

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