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Tips to choose the best B2B marketplace for telecom manufacturers

Digital is here with all its power. Business buyers are turning themselves to marketplaces for some important reasons like its versatility, ease of shopping and centralized payment options. But among so many options, how to choose the best B2B marketplace for telecom manufacturers?

Tip 1: Choose a marketplace that offers convenience

Nowadays, customers are prioritizing convenience, and B2B marketplace platforms offer a variety of choices, a huge group of suppliers and some easy to go ways of buying. Choose a marketplace that facilitates the daily tasks of telecom professionals.

Tip 2: Make sure it is secure

Above all, security is on top of the strategies of B2B marketplaces, so clients may buy whatever they need with no issues in this area.

Tip 3: Choose a platform that helps you to only focus on sales

In some B2B marketplaces, you don’t need to worry about maintaining and managing your own business platform, as the partner does it all for you. Neither logistics and transportation. Can you imagine how hassle-free it is?

In general, a B2B marketplace works much like an e-commerce website. It connects buyers and sellers through a digital platform. But to start, the chances of success are increasingly higher when we talk about a B2B Telecom & Datacom Marketplace. It exists and it’s called Twoosk.

Let us tell you why it is the best B2B marketplace for telecom manufacturers like your company and the reasons to choose it:

No worries

By choosing a B2B platform like Twoosk, you stop worrying about things like maintenance, support, security and hosting. Twoosk takes care of it all, which means the relation between cost / effort is much lower. You gain a ready-to-use online store to sell your products with the right specialized people and infrastructure in place. With a Customer Care team always available for you.

Save time

You will be able to show your products, make promotions, receive contacts from buyers and answer them through a platform that is easy to use. Also, logistics and payment management are handled by Twoosk, which leaves you with more time to focus on sales.

Save money

With low investment, you will get immediate access to new markets and the possibility to grow your client’s portfolio in a simple and fast way.

An alternative sales channel

With Twoosk you can reach new clients at a fraction of the cost needed to maintain a dedicated sales team. Focus on your business, salespersons do not have time for long tails.

Global B2B network

Twoosk is a B2B Telecom & Datacom Marketplace transversal to technologies with a curated worldwide professional community.

For all this and much more, Twoosk has been recognized by a growing number of companies as the best B2B marketplace for telecom manufacturers, being the natural choice to those who want to expand the business with the less effort possible.

The business-to-business (B2B) landscape is quickly shifting away from a more traditional offline territory and hopping on a marketplace platform, with more companies catching that train each day. In fact, the power and reach of a B2B marketplace have no parallel and telecom manufacturers can truly benefit from it to accelerate expansion and optimize the sales process. Some studies say that the value of the global B2B e-commerce market is nowadays about US$12.2 trillion which means over six times the value of the (more traditional) B2C market.

But what is a B2B e-commerce? We are talking here about electronic commerce between business customers, as opposed to commerce between a business and a private customer (as we have in B2C). All in all, the advantages of a B2B marketplace range from the ability to achieve a whole new subset of customers (businesses), go global without the big investment typically implied, streamline day-to-day tasks, increase profitability and leverage big data.

So, if you want to scale your telecom business without limits, a B2B marketplace is definitely the best option.

The benefits of a B2B marketplace

That being said, let us have a spotlight on some of the main benefits telecom manufacturers have by using a B2B marketplace. First, it helps to improve operational efficiency and reach strategic business goals much more rapidly. Especially when it is a specialized B2B marketplace in your business: telecom. Do you imagine how far and how fast you can go? A telecom B2B marketplace where you can sell your products 24*7*365 to companies that are needing them in the whole world?

How to get started? 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a seller account
  2. Get your account approved
  3. Start selling!

No matter where your company is located, if you would like to expand your telecom business and increase your sales, Twoosk is the place for you. Know more here about why selling on this B2B marketplace through the OS Business Services.

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