With Twoosk you will save time, money and resources!

 It is Fast, Smart, Simple and Efficient!

Twoosk is a startup that gives a second life to telecommunication and utilities products by connecting business partners in a B2B marketplace. 
We help to solve the companies overstock problems by matching business opportunities.

Did you know that +80% of companies have overstocks and the majority of it will finish in dumpster?
Our mission is to offer a solution to help buyers to monetize their over-stocks by finding new owners for stocks that are no longer needed and sellers to make better purchases, by linking companies with overstocks with those who need them in the shortest possible time.

We help to make the difference, preventing the waste of resources, thus helping our partners to act in a socially responsible way, contributing for sustainability not only by reducing the use of new resources, but also by accelerating the digitalization of economy in less developed regions, giving access to great products to smaller players globally.

Are you common with problems like overstocks, heaping products in warehouses results of forecasts errors and other reasons, minimum order quantity, long lead times, long supply chains from buyer side…? Or… Have you ever experienced problems to find the right product, the product at a fair price or get it at the right time?

Twoosk is a new channel for companies to monetize no needed stocks and present those opportunities to other companies who are actually struggling to get them.
This way, buyers have access to a global network of products ready for immediate delivery with a user-friendly interface and a personal customer service if needed. Twoosk promotes a win-win situation for all partners involved!

With the marketplace, sellers will find a smart and efficient way of optimizing its cash-flow, reduce the warehouse space, long tail overstocks and will have the opportunity to access a global network of buyers. In the other hand, buyers will get necessary products at a fast and simple way, with fair prices and short lead-times.

Summing up, Twoosk helps sellers managing the excessive stock and helps buyers to find products at the best price with a fast delivery system, in a sustainable and transparent way and preventing the waste of resources.

Visit our marketplace at www.twoosk.com or contact us for more information to opportunities@twoosk.com