Google and Orange partnership: A new era for AI, Data and Cloud services

Google and Orange Partnership

Google and Orange partnership was announced yesterday, as a strategic duo, to accelerate the transformation of Orange’s IT infrastructure and the development of future cloud services, more specifically, in edge computing.

Why a Google and Orange partnership?

Stephane Ricard, CEO of Orange, says that “Orange is a pioneer of digital transformation and is pleased to partner with Google to accelerate its data and AI transformation and continue towards a better service for its customers (…).” Source: Telecoms

The biggest French telecom company is already known by its expertise on how to deliver connectivity solutions in a multi-national network infrastructure, while Google brings its knowledge on cloud, AI and digital transformation.

That is why Google and Orange partnership is bringing:

  • A next generation data analytics and machine learning platform.
  • An integration of the AI capabilities of Google to improve cybersecurity efforts from Orange.
  • A new advanced cloud and edge computing services for the telecommunications industry in Europe.

Also, the latest telco-cloud duo plans to build an Innovation Lab and a Center of Excellence for the creation of new products and services.

The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is going to allow a new industry solution development. It will be based on data and AI, within the broader framework of 5G / edge computing ecosystem.

The Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence is supposed to provide Google Cloud support for Orange France and other Orange affiliates. This center is going to provide training in data, AI and cloud services Orange employees.

With focus in the B2B, B2C, and wholesale markets, the partnership wants to provide “flexible, secure and cutting-edge solutions”, and to take advantage of the 5G rollout in Europe by developing edge computing services.

On resume, this strategic partnership aims to strengthen Orange Business Services, by offering a portfolio with value-added analytics and additional cloud services based on Google Cloud solutions, reinforcing Orange’s position in the market. For Google, it will strengthen the presence of the big American company in Europe, as a significant player in the cloud sector.

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