Advantages and disadvantages of optical fiber

Optical fiber

Due to its characteristics, optical fiber is getting more and more popular in telecommunications. Find out what is optical fiber and its advantages and disadvantages.

 What Is Optical Fiber?

Optical fiber is the medium associated with the transmission of information as light pulses instead of electrical pulses, along a glass, plastic strand or fiber. Optical fiber is used in long-distance and high-performance data networks.

Being a medium of transmission of information and data, it is applied in cables for telecom applications.

There are lots of different fiber optic cables, that differ by its cable jacket, if it is for outdoor or indoor use or even the number of fibers. All of these characteristics are useful when you are choosing the best fiber optic cables for your network however, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of it, is really helpful too.

 Advantages of optical fiber

Speed: One of the most popular characteristics of optical fiber cables is the faster speed. It supports high speed in order to transmit more information per unit of optical fiber.

Bandwidth: Fiber optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than metal cables. The amount of information that can be transmitted per unit time of fiber over other transmission media is the biggest advantage.

Signal degradation: The signal loss is less in fiber optic cables than in copper wires.

Long Lifespan: The life cycle of a fiber optic cable is usually longer than on other types of cables.

Weight and size: When space is a concern, optical fiber is the best solution. They have a smaller size and light weight than copper wire cable, offering a better fit for places.

 Flexibility: Optical fiber is more flexible other types of cables with the same diameter.

 Disadvantages of optical fiber

More fragile: Although being more flexible, optical fiber is more fragile and more vulnerable to damage than copper wires.

Difficult to Splice: The optical fibers take some work to ​splice and if you bend them too much, they break.

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