Fiber optic connectors

Fiber optic connectors have different classifications when they are single-mode fiber or multimode fiber, however SC, LC, ST and FC are connectors that are adaptable to both fiber types.
Below, you’ll see most common connectors.

SC Fiber Optic Connector   

SC means Standard Connector and is a standard-duplex fiber optic connector with a square plastic body and push-pull locking features. It has a really good performance and it’s used for data communication, CATV and telephony environments. Its light weight and cost-effective features enable different applications of SC fiber optic pigtail.

LC Ffiber Optic Connector 

LC stands for Lucent Connector and is a smaller version of SC. Just like SC, it has a square plastic body but instead of a push-pull connector, it has a latched connector. LC is becoming very popular because of the low price and the high precision signal transmission.

ST Fiber Optic Connector 

ST is also known as Straight Tip and is one of the first types of connectors being implemented in fiber optic. It uses a bayonet plug and socket and is used for lots of fiber optic applications, mostly for multimode fiber optic communications.

FC Fiber Optic Connector 

FC means Ferrule Core Connector and is typically used in test environments and for single-mode applications. Although they’re becoming less common because of the better performance of other connectors, FC is used in datacom, telecommunications, measurement equipment, etc. The tip of this pigtail is polished to produce a rounded surface, called “physical contact polish”.

E2000 Fiber Optic Connector

E2000 is a family of connectors that enables a good performance. Next to other types of connectors, E2000 is the most expensive one, however it offers a much innovative technology than other connectors, in order to improve the products performance. 

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