Alternatives to Huawei? Britain’s PM already have an answer

Although the encouraging of mobile ecosystems for new companies to develop innovative solutions to the sector, for years, Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson are being considered the big Companies that dominate the telecom infrastructure market because of the difficulties of other companies keeping up with the changes of the sector.

With the schandal of Huawei and the US being with the back turned to this company, influencing other countries to do the same, the necessity for alternatives becomes obvious, as it was asked by the Britain’s PM, Boris Johnson.

Once Huawei is being threatened of being excluded from operator tender lists across USA and Europe, Nokia and Ericsson will be the dominating vendors, which won’t be a positive thing to the market. 

With the lack of options for operators new vendors start emerging with software-centric solutions and Mavenir is expected to be the new third choice vendor in the market, with the exclusion of Huawei. With this “revolution” in supply, not only more vendors will appear but also a new infrastructure and market model with lots of innovations in the network.

This was an article based on John Baker’s (SVP of Business Development at Mavenir) opinion about the need of OpenRAN giving the signal to start a new cycle for infrastructure vendor market.




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