Fiber optical Christmas tree

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Fiber optical Christmas trees are the new trend of artificial Christmas trees. With no need of additional lights, these trees provide an economical way to have a tree that is different from all that you have seen.

But how do they work?

Fiber optic Christmas trees are made of branches of pure glass or plastic see through tube surrounded by a reflective coating. A diversity of colors is reflected, creating a beautiful effect of changing colors at the strands of the tree.

Benefits of fiber optic Christmas trees

These trees are way more economical and energy efficient, because they use 10 times less energy than Christmas bulbs.

The durability of fiber optic Christmas trees is longer than the average Christmas tree bulbs. It happens because the tree is resistant too possible damages, being easier to ship. If some of the lights get broke, it doesn’t influence the performance of the other ones.

If you have a house with children or if you have pets, know that fiber optical Christmas trees are safer. They are designed in order to don’t catch fire easily.

If you’re a big fan of decorating your Christmas tree, have no worries. You can still decorate your fiber optic Christmas tree with your favorite Christmas decorations, you just don’t have the need to put more bulbs because the tree gives light itself.

If you are considering on buying a fiber optic Christmas tree, be aware of light coverage, because some trees have more lights built into their branches than other ones. Another characteristic that you should consider too, is lighting options because these fiber trees provide different color options and you can choose the one that best suits to your Christmas decoration.

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